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Release Date - 2019
Joaquin Phoenix.
Rating - 772485 votes
122 Minute
Directors - Todd Phillips
Genre - Crime



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E5 b0 8d e8 a9 b1 free model. That he can kiss a guy after stabbing another's eye out really shows he's lost it. “When you rewatch the film” saw the movie 10 times at the I see it. Jimmy: Youre awful Joaquin Joaquin. chuckles * Im in danger.


Thats what we like to see. A robbery scene where people actually fight back. ƀ¨a free trial. First of all as you may have heard before, Joaquin Phoenix's performance is amazing. I don't really know how to explain it but throughout the movie I was totally convinced that this guys is really going crazy and his actions and facial expressions completely support that.
Second of all I find that the main criticism this movie gets is sympathizing antisocial extremists. Did joker just disappear after the Dark Knight? Like did they seriously forget that he is meant to be one of the most vicious and disturbing characters in comic books? After the killing joke the Joker's tone has been pretty set. It's meant to be an origin story for a VILLAIN not a hero. Now onto why the movie itself does not try to justify joker's actions, rather it wants us to help people like him. I think the main analysis came out in Joker's debate with Murray, he said something like(can't remember the exact wording) this is what happens to underprivileged and disenfranchised people when you have a cruel society, uncivilized people and a system that doesn't work! I think he was saying this not only to Murray, audience of the talk show or to the people of Gotham. He was saying it to us. The movie is telling us to take joker as an extreme example and be kind and thoughtful to everyone around you. To the people who live high above, come down and see how hard it is for them to simply put food on the table instead of just showing a blind eye like Thomas Wayne (disregarding the debate on whether joker is his son or not. The movie was also incredibly well-paced. The character development although I think didn't go its full potential, I was very satisfied. It also ties all its loose ends and explains really well how joker and what he symbolizes came together, as well as the birth of batman and their rivalry. Definitely my favorite movie of this year yet.

I havent seen it yet and i know i will love the acting but that hyping up the moment with build up music is awful. 70;s style movies were quiet They let the acting bting the tension. The music is likr they are telling us how to feel. I dont like it all these scenes would have worked better without the build up music. We will give you the link to watch Joker movie.

“My mum died, Im celebrating” so cold 😂. Full Movie download at Filmywap, movierulz, Tamilrockers, putlockers123, 123movies. Those starting 40-50 seconds had me teary-eyed This is pure, acting greatness ❤. 血衛 free download. Also we can movie Joker to watch online on Android, iPhone and iPad for free. Men im like him when im stoned. Probably he smoke weed before fur sure ahahaha.

This was the scene that proves that everything that we saw in the movie is unreliable

When friendly fire is on. Joker completely free of charge and without registration. The largest selection of HD movies on demand - updated daily. No one beat up this opening scene, the whole Joker lines became quotes, RIP HEATH LEDGER. Phoenix is darker but ledger is badass. 吞噬 free download.

He's wearing a hoodie suit with sneakers. Truly a mad man

Stunning trailer! top notch quality. 5:46 masterpiece. Learn how Joaquin Phoenix transformed himself into the Joker, right here. Joker thinks that there's more evil in people than good. He brings out the evil in people just like how he made Harvey dent go mad,just like how he wanted batman to kill someone which is against his morals but ultimately making him kill Harvey dent he brought out the evil in him. When Bruce's parents were killed in was on the verge of becoming mad and evil against the society which killed it's parents. Joker thought he was successful in bringing out the evil in him. But Bruce Wayne has grown beyond the evil and become the superhero for Gotham. This is what makes Bruce Wayne character stronger than joker.

The fact that this is the final trailer makes me so glad. Unlike those other movies which has several and unfortunately spoils everything. Ultimately this role killed HEATH LEGEND.




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